Tazmoe had the opportunity to work with Sanborn to develop Geo-Databases for ArcGIS.

Understanding the Customer Requirements

Sanborn wanted a way to display the Mobile Mapping images in ArcGIS in both a vector and picture format along with the image's attribution. When Sanborn first approached Tazmoe for this effort we decided to put together a proof of concept demo based on GeoCue's ability to display Mobile Mapping camera stations in it's Map View along with the image in it's Viewer. We were quickly able to show them a vision of how this could work in ArcMap which they agreed and gave us permission to proceed. We created an semi-automated way to generated the Geo-Databases. Each Geo-Database contained a point for each camera station with its image and attribution for that Mobile Mapping mission area. These Geo-Databases covered hundreds of miles of collected data. We then provided this work-flow to Sanborn for updates and future projects. Getting their requirements nailed down upfront allowed us to complete this effort in a timely manner.